Ultimate Color Tools

ArtyClick Colors


ArtyClick Colors is a digital platform for color enthusiasts. ArtyClick utilizes ArtyClick Colors algorithms to create and enhance its digital designs, and these tools are now also available to its users as stand-alone features. The color tools are thought to help users getting started with color exploration and expand their expertise on color.


Color names and basic characteristics including color shades, tints and color composition are the tools that can be used to analyze and adjust colors. More advanced features, such as the color palette generators, can be employed to find and define color combinations from photographs or other user-specific characteristics. Advanced color features are consistently improved and new versions are released on a continuous basis.


ArtyClick Colors went live in July 2020, featuring the first versions of "Color Palette Finder", "Color Shades and Names Dictionary", "Color Name Finder" and "Color Shades and Tints Finder".


ArtyClick Colors resides in Sydney in the colorful country of Australia. This country inspires with its exotic flora and fauna, and ArtyClick Colors' mission is to share the soothing experience of being surrounded by and working with colors.